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Chess Set by Mr--Jack

I agree with the others that the pawn is a bit too small. These are suppose to be for giant chess right? So all the pieces should be ab...

ZillAAH by JazzTheTiger

First off I'd like to say thank u for making Zilla Jr. The actual kaiju worthy version of the species. For some reason nobody does him....


Serpent King by cfakatsuki
Serpent King
disclaimer: I still own nothing

Creeping into death battle with a vengeance, I'm Brooke Lynn and this once gonna creepy.

Orochimaru. Born in the leaf village Orochimaru's parents were killed when he was very young thus he grew up detached from people and when he finally gained friends he became displeased with the fact humans were so fragile as he watched countless people around him die, thus he resolved to fix that. Orochimaru made it his destiny to master every jutsu known to man and become immortal. constantly experimenting on himself and others Orochimaru accumulated the most expansive jutsu arsenal in ninja history able to use almost every nature release and after much experimentation and body stealing he even managed to gain wood style one of the most deadly. Orochimaru is a master of fear tactics his gaze alone enough to paralyze opponents in fear. To make things worse Orochimaru is virtually unkillable able to shed his body like a snake skin summoning new fresh one for barely any energy at all. And if that's not enough he also has a flying sword he can pull out of his mouth.

VS team Snake eyes

Raised as a slave on an island devoted to resurrecting a god who wasn't actually dead Cobra is a powerful wizard who possesses poison dragon slayer magic. With this magic toxins only serve to feed his magical power making him stronger and healing his body. But perhaps even more frightening is his ears which have such acute senses he can actually hear his opponents thoughts or send out psychic screams to disorient his foes. 

Medusa is a powerful witch who fights with her vector magic. Sending herself and her opponents flying in different directions Medusa is a master of deception  and her vector arrows can pierce almost any defense. Able to fly on a broom and fight with insane maneuverability Medusa is a ferocious adversary. To make matters worse she is immune to insanity and the snake tattoos on her arms can morph into actual giant snakes.

Sung Sun is an arrancar who works under the beautiful Harribel. Lightening fast with her sonido and able to cut down fores with her zanpakto she is a feroscious opponent but when she transforms with her ressurecion she becomes a horrifying nagaesk monster healing all her wounds and increasing her strength by double.

The skein of destiny is set, the 3 snake warrior's enter orochimaru's lair, who will win?
An Eye for Detail by cfakatsuki
An Eye for Detail
Disclaimer: I own nothing

Here it comes hot and heavy another fiery Death Battle and this ones gonna be a blow out!

You've never seen a sight for sore eyes quite like Danzo. One of the leaf village elders and leader of the Anbu Root Agency Danzo is a highly skilled shinobi who is a master of wind style. ruthless and heartless Danzo will do anything to protect the leaf. A master of wind style Danzo and use a variety of justu that are even capable of piercing the great Susanoo's defenses and can even summon the mythical Baku. But Danzo's greatest ability is his stolen sharingan all 11 of them. Embedded in his mutated right arm Danzo possess 10 sharingan and an 11th in his right eye that even has mangekyo. with the sharingan Danzo could use powerful illusion jutsu even a technique that allowed him to control the thoughts of others, but his deadliest technique was Inzanagi an illusion so great it could even peel its user from reality.

cp9, the name alone can send shudders through those who hear it. the most elite assassin group the world government has this group of fighters are masters of the 6 powers. They can jump on air, turn kicks into blades, make their bodies iron, poke with bullet like force, move with lightening speed, or make the body as limber as paper. The agents of cp9 are masters of these skills with certain members even being more advanced. but thats not all, many of the members of cp9 also have devil fruit powers that range from beast transformation to control of soap bubbles and they can combine the 6 powers with these extra abilities to create even more deadly attacks. Lead by Lucci the leopard man there members include, Giraffe man Kaku, Wolf man Jabra, the Soap woman Kalifa, Fukuro the zipper mouth, Blueno the door master and Kumadori who has perfect control over every cell of his body. Together these 7 assassins are a deadly force.

The Skein of destiny is set, Danzo approaches Enis Lobby, Who will win?
Shatter Monkey by cfakatsuki
Shatter Monkey
Disclaimer: I own nothing

Here we go again folks with another Death Battle! This time its motherly love vs a sibling rivalry

In the red corner Weighing half as much if he cut his hair its Goku's big brother Raditz! Super fast and super skilled Raditz had no equal when he arrived on earth. A master of ki based fighting Raditz uses a full week's worth of powerful attacks and combos that can leave even the most skilled of opponents reeling. but Raditz most deadly aspect is his ability to transform into a massive ape monster at the sight of a full moon. Ruthless and cunning, able to see how powerful his opponents are with the scouter on his head, Raditz is a force to be reckoned with.

Bringing some major color to this death battle its the Gems! Possessing an absolute cluster storm of skills and powers the gems are a ferocious force Half bent on protecting earth half bent on Conquering (yes the homeworld gem trio will also be taking part in this battle, its fucking impossible to find a pic of all 6 of them together). With apex physical strength and a variety of special powers that range from shapeshifting to swimming through lava the gems are a powerful race, but their most deadly power is that of gem fusion. One quick dance and any gems can combine into a single more powerful form with all the powers of its components and more.

The Skein of destiny is set, Raditz descend on planet earth, who will win?
Class Wreck by cfakatsuki
Class Wreck
disclaimer: I own nothing

Welcome back Death battle fans! Brooke Lynn here with another Death battle! Today school is in session as our team of warriors battle it out against the unkillable teacher!

The most ferocious faculty ever hired Korosensei is a government experiment gone horribly wrong or horribly right. With a gooey Octopus like body and incredible powers Korosensei is an assassins worst nightmare. Hyper intelligent, immune to conventional weaponry, capable of moving at mach 20 on a whim and able to destroy astronomical bodies such as the moon like its child's play, Korosensei is nothing short of unstoppable and even his long list of weaknesses leave much to be desired by anyone trying to slay him.

Next lets meet team Class Rep

Flying in first is none other than the mighty Shazam! Seen once in our arsenal already Shazam is a magical master fighter capable of flight, super strength, and control over lightening. All he need do is shout shazam and young Billy transforms into this hyper speed hail Mary who has gone toe to toe with the likes of superman and Black Adam, able to hurl lightening at his foes it doesn't take the wisdom of Solomon to know Shazam is as strong as they come.

Iron Spider! If you didn't Spider-man was OP enough get a load of this. Peter Parker and Tony Stark's love child the Iron spider suit gives Pete all the skills of both heroes and more. Super smart super fast and loaded with enough weapons to make War Machine jealous the iron spider is the cutting edge of spider technology.

And rounding out the last notch of this team with a bang, its the bankai swinging Substitute soul reaper/Hollow/fullbringer/quincy Ichigo Kurosaki! Possessing an absolute menagerie of powers that somehow manage to all do the same thing Ichigo is a soul reaper capable of high speed sword combat and executing power energy attacks with the simple swing of his sword. His signature move is the mighty getsuga tensho a mighty blast of raw spiritual energy that can part clouds from a grounded swing and cleave buildings in 2. But when Ichigo switches to Bankai mode his power escalates doubling his swings power and speed and if that still isn't enough Ichigo can summon his Hollow mask further increasing his power. Ichigo may be a one trick pony but its a very good trick.

The skein of destiney is set. Our opponents enter the arena. Who will win?
Beast vs Beauties by cfakatsuki
Beast vs Beauties
disclaimer : I own nothing

Welcome back death battle fans its Brooke Lynn here with another Death battle, this time its military girls vs the bane of any military... a motherfucking kaiju

In the red corner is the one and only Anguirus! A radioactive mutant ankylosaur Anguirus is a lesser known kaiju with a track record of constant defeat against other stronger kaiju, but never falling. Anguirus possess incredibly armor, a spine covered back and tail and jaws capable of tearing through reinforced titanium. When the going gets tough Anguirus curls into a ball and bowls his enemies over like an angry wrecking ball. praised for his undying tenacity Anguirus is an expert digger, swimmer and has a mildly powerful sonic roar than can send a tank flying. In the war of kaiju Godzilla will never quit and Anguirus will be right there next to him to the bitter end.

And his opponents the Military girls

Rolling in first are the Panzer girls. trained in the art of tank warfare these girls may not look like much but they can execute maneuvers beyond the grasp of any normal tank pilot. Rolling in in a wide variety of tank models their forces are here to show that the most dangerous thing you can do is doubt a girl in a tank.

The Strike Witches! bringing in the much needed air support these girls. born with magic powers they use advanced technology to foucs this magic and fly like fighter planes. equipped with a large variety of weapons from snipers to missiles these girls are unstoppable in the sky their small size allowing them to execute maneuvers the best fighter pilot can only dream of.

and lastly the fleet girls! born with the souls of ships these girls are armed with all the weapons and strength of actual naval vessels. everything from light cruisers to full on battle ships these girls are the most formidable navy in the world and if you though the strike witches were the only air support guess again cause the carrier class ships can fire arrows that transform into small fighter planes equipped with machine guns, missiles, torpedoes and bombs!

The skein of destiny is set! the battle will take place near a large island so the tanks have room to move and the ship girls have ample water. The adversaries enter the arena, who will win?


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