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Chess Set by Mr--Jack

I agree with the others that the pawn is a bit too small. These are suppose to be for giant chess right? So all the pieces should be ab...

ZillAAH by JazzTheTiger

First off I'd like to say thank u for making Zilla Jr. The actual kaiju worthy version of the species. For some reason nobody does him....


Dark Masters by cfakatsuki
Dark Masters
Disclaimer: I own nothing

welcome back death battle fans its your hostess Brooke Lynn here back for another go at death battle! today's opponents are crowned as master of the battlefield in their worlds lets meet em!

In the red corner the Dark king whos black wings spell death for his opponents it the Master Gundam! Evolved from the dark devil gundam's cells the master gundam was born to be the counter to the Burning Gundam even equipped with his own darkness finger to counter the shining wing finger. master of speed stealth and combat few opponents have met the master gundam in combat and lived to tell the tale. this powerful gundam is equipped with multiple beam weapons an energy sword and the unique ability to send dark energy pulses and ribbons of energy at his opponents to blow them apart at the seems, Master Gundam is ready for any opponent.

And his opponent in the blue corner topping the scales at HOLY FREAKIN COW! its the Seismosuaurs! Rumored to be the legendary alpha zoid this monstrous Zoid was designed with one purpose in mind, destroying point A from point B. equipped with the longest ranged charged particle cannon ever designed the Seismosaurus believes that the shortest distance between 2 points his a straight line of ioinized particles and when thts not enough the seismosaus' back is lined with cannons that draw power from his particle cannon making them equally deadly, topping it off with crushing jaws and a tail that can send even equally sized zoids reeling the Seismosausu is trully a ferocious enemy!

now these to mechanical master pieces 
Goliath by cfakatsuki
disclaimer: I own nothing

shaking things up this time, I'm Brooke Lynn and we're back with death battle!

Stomping into the red corner its bigger, its badder its the Gojulas Giga! after the Gojulas unit proved to not be good enough against the death saurers and death stingers a group of Zi scientists said "Lets make it bigger!" ferocious angile and packinga  bite that can rend the armor of any zoid it meets the gojulas giga is a ferocious opponent like none other. Sport a pair of massive buster cannons on its back and thick armor to repulse enemy fire the gojulas giga is here to take a bite out of crime.

and his opponent in the blue corner the largest and ugliest of the 4 king gundams its the one and only Grand gundam. brandishing its 2 massive impaling horns, 2 legs and 6 arms the grand gundam is the heaviest heavy hitter. with powerful missiles and armor that puts his brother king gundams to shame the grand gundam plows thru enemies like a mad bull and crushes them like an angry gorilla.

now these titanic mobile machines rumble onto the battlefield, who will win?
on wings of death by cfakatsuki
on wings of death
disclaimer: i own nothing

another one comin at ya death battle fans, its me Brooke Lynn with another death battle! now we take to the sky to see who is the most ferocious flying machine

First off in the red corner is the devilishly quick and strikingly beautiful sacred sword gundam! fast an agile this shape shifting gundam has the ability to more into a bird like attack mode that increases its speed and allows it to attack with razor sharp talons and powerful energy feather projectiles and if that wasn't bad enough the flapping of its wings is known to create cyclones and flaming vortexes that are nearly impossible to escape and if all else fails this battle bird can shift back at any time and close the dustance for beam saber combat or to use its powerful legs to bring the pain to its opponents!

and its opponent in the blue corner the terror of the skies, the winged wyvern its the one and only Gilvader! the only zoid ever to one on one the mighty mad thunder the gilvader is the epitome of aerial combat equipped with crushing jaws and claws, powerful beam weapons and its signature wing blades the Gilvader only ever met one equal in combat and squashed all other like bugs and do to its creation on the dark continent of nyx it is equipped with the ability to use energy attacks to power itself making it a perpetual motion death machine in the air

now these 2 combatants fly into battle who will conquer the skies?
Sea of Death by cfakatsuki
Sea of Death
disclsimer: I own nothing

Hello and welcome back death battle fans it me Brooke Lynn with another exciting death battle, today mechanical titans of the sea duke it out for supremacy

in the red corner sporting the shiniest coat of paint and the sharpest claws its the fearsome death stinger! After the ancient zoidians sealed away the death saurers they created 2 sea scorpion zoids to guard it but after several centuries even these great guards had withered to fossils and from these fossils came the birth of the death stinger. readily equipped for battle on any terrain even if it means swimming thru=ough magma the death stinger sports a massive arsenal of 4 crushing claws, powerful missile and buster cannons, an energy shield that can repulse almost any damage and its favored weapon the powerful charged particle cannon making the death stinger the deadliest machine in the zoid ocean.

And its opponent in the blue corner is no slouch either, lets get a big hand for the fangs of the devil gundam, the Walter Gundam! trully one of the strangest gundams ever made the walter gundam shambles on land on 3 strut legs but in the water moves like a demon easily out maneuvering almost any opponent and grabbing them with its crushing tendril claws or taking a bite out of them with its mechanical fangs. Able to curl into a ball for defense and fire lasers and missiles from its claws and body the walter gundam truly earns its place as one of the most ferocious aquatic gundams ever made.

now lets see who wins in the undersea battle of machines!
This suit of Armor by cfakatsuki
This suit of Armor
Disclaimer: I own nothing

welcome back Death battle fans, Brooke Lynn here with another amazing death battle! Get ready cause these 2 really know how to suit up.

first off in the blue corner, you know him, you love him, you can't live without him, the one and only Alphonse Elric! Young brother of the full metal alchemist Alphonse was trapped in a suit of armor after attempting to ressurection his mother through the use of human transmutation. Now he is an expert in the art of transmutation able to manipulate the elements around him to do amazing feats and defeat powerful foes. Skilled in physical combat Alphonse needs no food or sleep and can continue fighting for days without rest. 

And his his opponent clad in equal or more armor is the master of metal himself the lead guitarist of Pentakill Mordekasier. An undead general of the shadow Isles Mordekaiser walks the earth for the soul purpose of causing great suffering. Wielding his massive mace few opponents can go toe to toe with Mordekaiser and hope to survive and when he brings out his secondary weapon his unbreakable guitar Número Uno you can kiss your life goodbye.

now these living suits of armor meet on the field of battle, who will win?


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