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Chess Set by Mr--Jack

I agree with the others that the pawn is a bit too small. These are suppose to be for giant chess right? So all the pieces should be ab...

ZillAAH by JazzTheTiger

First off I'd like to say thank u for making Zilla Jr. The actual kaiju worthy version of the species. For some reason nobody does him....


Beast vs Beauties by cfakatsuki
Beast vs Beauties
disclaimer : I own nothing

Welcome back death battle fans its Brooke Lynn here with another Death battle, this time its military girls vs the bane of any military... a motherfucking kaiju

In the red corner is the one and only Anguirus! A radioactive mutant ankylosaur Anguirus is a lesser known kaiju with a track record of constant defeat against other stronger kaiju, but never falling. Anguirus possess incredibly armor, a spine covered back and tail and jaws capable of tearing through reinforced titanium. When the going gets tough Anguirus curls into a ball and bowls his enemies over like an angry wrecking ball. praised for his undying tenacity Anguirus is an expert digger, swimmer and has a mildly powerful sonic roar than can send a tank flying. In the war of kaiju Godzilla will never quit and Anguirus will be right there next to him to the bitter end.

And his opponents the Military girls

Rolling in first are the Panzer girls. trained in the art of tank warfare these girls may not look like much but they can execute maneuvers beyond the grasp of any normal tank pilot. Rolling in in a wide variety of tank models their forces are here to show that the most dangerous thing you can do is doubt a girl in a tank.

The Strike Witches! bringing in the much needed air support these girls. born with magic powers they use advanced technology to foucs this magic and fly like fighter planes. equipped with a large variety of weapons from snipers to missiles these girls are unstoppable in the sky their small size allowing them to execute maneuvers the best fighter pilot can only dream of.

and lastly the fleet girls! born with the souls of ships these girls are armed with all the weapons and strength of actual naval vessels. everything from light cruisers to full on battle ships these girls are the most formidable navy in the world and if you though the strike witches were the only air support guess again cause the carrier class ships can fire arrows that transform into small fighter planes equipped with machine guns, missiles, torpedoes and bombs!

The skein of destiny is set! the battle will take place near a large island so the tanks have room to move and the ship girls have ample water. The adversaries enter the arena, who will win?
War and the Warriors by cfakatsuki
War and the Warriors
disclaimer: I still own nothing why would anyone believe I own anything god =_=

Welcome back death battle fans Brooke Lynn here back with more death battle, our next battle features 3 sexy babes... and Piccolo

In the red corner its the Amazon Princess, the strongest woman in the world and the new goddess of war Wonder Woman! Daughter of Zues and The queen of the Amazons, Diana is gifted with incredible strength speed and skill. Add in the powers gifted by her enchanted armor and she becomes the most fearsome woman on earth. She can fly deflect any projectile with her bracelets and she is equipped with the finest weapons thymiscyra could provide. Sword, shield, crown that doubles as a boomerang and of course her unbreakable lasso of truth. Truly Wonder woman is a force to be reckoned with.

And her opponents team 2 babes and a slug

 Piccolo son of the evil king Piccolo he combined with Kami and became the Nameless namekian... but he prefers Piccolo. Piccolo is a skilled martial artists able to control the energies of his body in the form of ki he can increase his physical strength to levels beyond anything a human could ever hope to achieve. Able to fire powerful energy blasts, fly, move at near light speed, stretch his body and punch with enough force to move a moon Piccolo is one of the most powerful members of the Z fighters as well as the smartest member. Thanks to fusing with Kami he can sense the entire population of planet earth and speak telepathically, he can even summon clothes with a laser. His ultimate attacks are the special beam cannon a powerful ki blast that he uses to literally drill through opponents and the Hell zone grenade where he rains energy blasts on his foe then when he clenches his fist the beams all fly at his target blasting them from every direction.

Satsuki Kiryuin, Daughter of Ragyo Kiryuin and heir to the REVOCs organization. Head of the student council at Hounoji academy, Satsuki has trained and honed her body her entire life to be a living weapon, able to battle super human foes and cut through solid steel with a sharpened toenail the only thing sharper than her blade is her mind. Satsuki wield's 2 Katana and the kamui Junketsu. junketsu transforms and multiplies Satsuki's power 100 fold allowing her to decapitate building from miles away with the swing of her sword, fly, sprout blade across her body move with the speed and grace of a demon.

And the final ally, Esdeath. born in a northern Village outside the empire Esdeath was raised to be and Darwinist extremist believing survival of the fittest was the only law of the world. Equipped with the demon's blood imperial arm Esdeath has near omnipotent control over ice allowing her to lay waste to armies with the mere wave of her hand. She can summon needles, create blizzards, drop meteor sized ice balls and and even project ice blasts from the swing of her rapier, Esdeath believe's if you can't take the cold then you will freeze and she will make sure you do. Since esdeath's weapon is her own blood she cannot be disarmed and with the power of aura she can move her well trained body at super human speeds and exhibit strength that rivals monsters esdeath is the most feared woman... no the most feared anything in the entire Empire.

The Skein of destiny is set, the opponents enter the battle field, who will win?
Size Matters by cfakatsuki
Size Matters
disclaimer: I own nothing still

Back again I see, I'm Brooke Lynn and this is death battle! running hard with the 1v3 train this time its 3 tiny foes vs one big challenger.

Abomination! once a soldier trying to capture Hulk Abomination underwent similar experimentation as Bruce Banner in order to try and become a second hulk but an accident instead turned him into the abomination. Bigger and stronger than a freshly transformed Hulk Abomination's strength is feared the world over even though he lacks the ability of his predecessor to get stronger as he gets angrier, but unlike his predecessor he retains most of his sanity even in his beastly form.

And his opponents on team pint size.

Terriermon, the big eared digimon Terriermon is swift footed and equipped with the destructive buddy blast and terrier tornado attacks that can send his opponent tumbling but like all digimon his greatest skill is the ability to digivolve! With this power he can transform into even more powerful forms that can devastate entire battle field with a mere punch. but enough damage in any of these forms could revert him back to his rookie form or even further back.

Ogrest the first Ogre born to the world Ogrest's size greatly undermines his incredible strength which allows him to battle opponents multiple times his size. virtually indestructible Ogrest can shatter massive structure with his attacks and fly by flapping his colossal ears. But Ogrest's greatest ability is his despair. A single tear from Ogrest can summon an unending spring of water that can wash away any opponent. With strength like this its no wonder Ogrest grew up to become a powerful warlord.

And last but far from least its Stitch! Born an illegal genetic experiment experiment 626 is virtually indestructible. Able to lift 3000x his own weight, think faster than a super computer and squeeze his body through any hole or crevice there is few place Stitch can't go. He can scale walls, see in the dark, is fire proof bullet proof and capable of handling red hot plasma with his bare hands... of which he has 4. Stitch's soul weakness is his inability to swim but even this can be overcome with his incredible intellect.

The Skein of destiny is set, the opponents are set, who will win?
Eater vs the World by cfakatsuki
Eater vs the World
disclaimer: I own nothing

Welcome back Death battle fans it Brooke Lynn back with more death battle! its our first 1v3 fight here so lets introduce the unlucky foe who's going to face off against 3 opponents at once

In the red corner the dragon king, the black demon, the world eater, Alduin!. Born millenia ago as the son of the daedric prince of time Alduin is a near immortal dragon. Measuring over 40ft in length and covered in thick spikey black scales Alduin is the most powerful dragon ever to live and possesses the dragon's greatest weapon the Thu'um. Mighty attacks of dragons are actually words in their ancient language so essentially every attack he fires is him telling you to piss off. In his arsenal are a vast array from fire and force to the ability to call down a squall of meteors. But Alduin's greatest power is that unless his soul is consumed his body will continually resurrect forever.

Now is opponents on team Divas I present Nonon, Ahri and P'li lets see their skills.

Nonon Jukuzure is a member of Hounoji Academy's student council elite 4, as such she is equipped with a 3star Goku uniform, this uniform is made of 30% life fibers an alien thread that gifts the wearer incredible powers. with her music spec uniform Nonon can fly, fire powerful sonic attacks and take hammering blows that would kill a normal person without any hope for survival. however Nonon's most deadly skill does not require her uniform, other than being a gifted assassin her prolonged exposure to life fibers has mutated her body giving her increased strength and speed and granting her the ability to negate sound based attacks and even reverse them back at her foes!

Ahri, the Nine tailed fox, once a normal fox roaming the Ionian countryside Ahri came upon a battlefield and met a dying general seeing this dying man Ahri became empowered with magic and transformed into a humanoid fox with powerful magic abilities. Finally gifted with a purpose Ahri traveled the world seducing men with her new body and devouring the souls of her lovers. In her travels she learned advanced magic and the limits of her own abilities she joined the league of legends where she honed her skills even further in the constant battling that she now has levels of experience in combat that rival century old warriors, the soul is Ahri's ultimate battle field and she will become human even if it kills the entire world.

and our last team member is P'li. Member of the anarchist cell the Red Lotus P'li is a powerful fire bender who's strength rivals dragon's but her most powerful skill his her unique bending ability. Combustion bending! Able to focus Chi into the tattoo in her forehead and fire concentrated blasts that explode on impact P'li is one of the mast dangerous benders in history. Tall strong and swift P'li can keep up with any opponent on the battlefield and with the unique skill of being able to curve her combustion blasts, there is nowhere on the battle field safe from P'li's assault.

The Skein of destiny is set, our opponents have entered the battlefield, who will win?
Dark Masters by cfakatsuki
Dark Masters
Disclaimer: I own nothing

welcome back death battle fans its your hostess Brooke Lynn here back for another go at death battle! today's opponents are crowned as master of the battlefield in their worlds lets meet em!

In the red corner the Dark king whos black wings spell death for his opponents it the Master Gundam! Evolved from the dark devil gundam's cells the master gundam was born to be the counter to the Burning Gundam even equipped with his own darkness finger to counter the shining wing finger. master of speed stealth and combat few opponents have met the master gundam in combat and lived to tell the tale. this powerful gundam is equipped with multiple beam weapons an energy sword and the unique ability to send dark energy pulses and ribbons of energy at his opponents to blow them apart at the seems, Master Gundam is ready for any opponent.

And his opponent in the blue corner topping the scales at HOLY FREAKIN COW! its the Seismosuaurs! Rumored to be the legendary alpha zoid this monstrous Zoid was designed with one purpose in mind, destroying point A from point B. equipped with the longest ranged charged particle cannon ever designed the Seismosaurus believes that the shortest distance between 2 points his a straight line of ioinized particles and when thts not enough the seismosaus' back is lined with cannons that draw power from his particle cannon making them equally deadly, topping it off with crushing jaws and a tail that can send even equally sized zoids reeling the Seismosausu is trully a ferocious enemy!

now these to mechanical master pieces 


No journal entries yet.


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