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Chess Set by Mr--Jack

I agree with the others that the pawn is a bit too small. These are suppose to be for giant chess right? So all the pieces should be ab...

ZillAAH by JazzTheTiger

First off I'd like to say thank u for making Zilla Jr. The actual kaiju worthy version of the species. For some reason nobody does him....


This suit of Armor by cfakatsuki
This suit of Armor
Disclaimer: I own nothing

welcome back Death battle fans, Brooke Lynn here with another amazing death battle! Get ready cause these 2 really know how to suit up.

first off in the blue corner, you know him, you love him, you can't live without him, the one and only Alphonse Elric! Young brother of the full metal alchemist Alphonse was trapped in a suit of armor after attempting to ressurection his mother through the use of human transmutation. Now he is an expert in the art of transmutation able to manipulate the elements around him to do amazing feats and defeat powerful foes. Skilled in physical combat Alphonse needs no food or sleep and can continue fighting for days without rest. 

And his his opponent clad in equal or more armor is the master of metal himself the lead guitarist of Pentakill Mordekasier. An undead general of the shadow Isles Mordekaiser walks the earth for the soul purpose of causing great suffering. Wielding his massive mace few opponents can go toe to toe with Mordekaiser and hope to survive and when he brings out his secondary weapon his unbreakable guitar Número Uno you can kiss your life goodbye.

now these living suits of armor meet on the field of battle, who will win?
Man vs Machine by cfakatsuki
Man vs Machine
Disclaimer: I own nothing

welcome back Death battle fans, Brooke Lynn here with another smashing death battle. Today man will face machine in the ultimate battle of supremacy! Lets meet the contenders!

in the red corner in the whiney red battle suit and glorious Facial hair is Tony Stark the invincible Iron man. Armed with the best high tech prostithsis that anyone has ever owned Iron man fights for truth, justice, and because it's really fun. His suit is armed with dozens upon dozens of weapons and augmentations to make him the fiercest fighter he can be, flying and super sonic speeds and lifting as much as a freshly transformed hulk he is truly a ferocious force.
owner: marvel

and his opponent in the blue corner is the mecha monstrosity known only as Mecha-Naruto. Created by Orochimaru to steal the Kyuubi's chakra and modified by several outside forces. Mecha-Naruto is a ferocious fighter armed to the teeth with even more weapons than his flesh counter part. But mecha-Naruto's personality is actually a nice one... Until Kyuubi mode takes over and he transforms to his artificial 3 tails mode. Power unbridled Kyuubi mode is an unstoppable force that rampaged across much of the ninja world before meeting it's match. With laser eyes and claws, rockets and missiles, and a concentrated energy cannon, mecha-Naruto is one of the most ferocious entities in the Naruto world. And we didn't even mention mecha-Kyuubi.
Owner: kishimoto
now these 2 masters of metal meet on the field of battle, who will win?
Welcome to the Freljord by cfakatsuki
Welcome to the Freljord
Disclaimer: I own nada

welcome to another hunting trip here on death battle what are you hunting today Slade?

(Slade) dear god how do I let you people talk me into this shit. Today I will be hunting Ashe and Sejuani of the Freljord. Rivals from 2 warring tribes Ashe is an archer with a bow that makes Green arrow's bow look like something a Boy Scout made, and Sejuani is a giant boar riding mace wielding Amazonian esque woman who uses her flail to shatter her opponents bodies and wills alike. The cold is nothing to these lovely... Ladies and I use that term very very lightly. Having lived in the Freljord for years and being descendants of ice born they are virtually immune to all effects of cold and looking at some of the opponents they face in the league of legends they're pretty durable overall as well. 

Since we're going for winter combat I've gone ahead and equipped myself with my red son arsenal. Nobody makes snow apparel quite like Russia am I right? Well equipped to fight in the snow I've sent an invite to a meeting of peace to both women and addressed it from the other and ordered them to come alone *weapon clicks* lets go hunting shall we

(Brooke) Slade has entered the Freljord lets see if he can last n the most heartless conditions of all
Government work by cfakatsuki
Government work
Disclaimer: still own nothing

Welcome back death battle fans today we have an interesting battle where the real world meets the anime world. I'm Brooke Lynn and lets get down to more death battle!

our first opponents is everyone's favorite consultant Neil Caffrey. Self trained master of the arts of criminology this con man is a master of every way to be bad and knows exactly how criminals think and uses these skills to hunt down criminals for the FBI but when this pretty boy is off his chain be warned no one is safe and he will do whatever it takes to take his target down, make no mistake if he wants you dead you die.

and his opponent is the busty creepy and overall psychotic Government executioner Kuroko Koumori. Going insane early in life has it's benefits but is not much of a turn on for the ladies this murderous lesbian says is the reason she works for the Japanese government. So use to danger she can even seem to have a sixth sense that protects her from attacks even said to be able to allow her to dodge a sniper from vast distances with ease. But most deadly of all is her speed and skill which allows her to take out opponents just as crazy as her with little difficulty.

now these agents meet on the field of battle, who will win?
Web of despair by cfakatsuki
Web of despair
Disclaimer: nope I own nothing noooope

Brooke Lynn here and ima do this quick so I can nope the fuck out of here

our first contender is the mother of Shelob, the all consuming spider queen Ungoliant, inhabiting the barren wastelands neighboring middle earth she weaves the shadows themselves to hide from her unsuspecting pray and string them into her web of destruction.

and her rival is the one and only Vilemaw, little is known about the real Vilemaw who has never been seen by human eyes... Or atleast. That lived to tell the tales his massive form crushes and ensnares any unlucky enough to cross his path and his venom is the bane of life itself... He also does a mean Charleston dance

now these mega nopes will battle it out in the twisted treeline, who will win?


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