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Chess Set by Mr--Jack

I agree with the others that the pawn is a bit too small. These are suppose to be for giant chess right? So all the pieces should be ab...

ZillAAH by JazzTheTiger

First off I'd like to say thank u for making Zilla Jr. The actual kaiju worthy version of the species. For some reason nobody does him....


Grab the Rhino by the Horn by cfakatsuki
Grab the Rhino by the Horn
disclaimer: the truth is i own nothing

One more death battle coming at ya, I'm Brooke Lynn and its time for another death battle

Rhino is a ferocious and stupid fighter who frequents New York and where ever hulk likes to hang out, equipped with a hardened shell of super armor and beefed up with gamma radiation Rhino isn't the brightest bulb but he's one of the strongest, with his virtually impenetrable armor and super strength Rhino rampages through any opponent without a care.

and facing him is team lost boys

Eren Jaeger a member of the survey corps Eren flies through the air with his 3D maneuver gear and cuts down enemies with his sharpened blades but when Eren gets really pissed he bites his finger and transforms into a massive 15m titan capable of crushing and destroying even the most fearsome opponents. and if that isn't the worst he also gets a free regen bonus in titan form completely healing his body. He can harden his body into unbreakable crystal and erupt with flames of rage, Eren will rampage over anyone

Edward elric, the fullmetal alchemist Edward is a master of alchemy, with the clap of his hands he can manipulate the elements that make up matter like a golden god and rearrange them to do his bidding weather that be making weapons, giant fists or taking apart his opponents armor Edward has an absolute understanding of the make up of the world and knows how to use it.

Kaneki ken just wanted a date but now he's the one eyed ghoul with some serious issue's. gaining strength by eating human flesh Kaneki can summon tentacles from his back as use them to move at blinding speeds, tear opponents apart and fight with such ferocity mass murderers shudder in his presence. Get ready to count backwards by 7 because there is nothing Kaneki won't do when he wants to win.

the skein of destiny is set, now the battle begins, who will win?
Justice? by cfakatsuki
disclaimer: I own nothing

Welcome back ladies and gentleman its time for another death battle, we've finally wrenched free of Grodd's control so its time to battle!

First off its the biggest bitch in history, Welcome Seryu. with fearsome precision and unbreakable will Seryu is a member of the Jaegers a team of hunters dedicated to finding and slaughtering night raid. using her parasite type imperial arm Coro she can transform her body into several weapons and transform her canine companion into a devilsh hell beast capable of cutting most opponents into pieces with his fangs. Seryu fights soully in the name of justice but her view of justice is beyond clouded, those caught in her fangs are sure to be eaten alive.

speaking of swallowing whole lets meet our other fighter of justice Fukuro. a member of the night raven team fukuro uses his jet magic to blast through the sky at high speeds pummeling his opponents with jet propelled punches, sporting the head of an owl he has excellent vision and powerful muscles for punish the unjust, and his most devilish power is the ability to swallow opponents and absorb their powers.

who will win in this battle of twisted fighters? the skein of destiny is set, who will win?
Kneel! by cfakatsuki
disclaimer: I own nothing Grodd owns all wait no what who wrote that?

No more monkey business in this death battle I'm Brooke Lynn noble emissary of Grodd... wait what? uh its time for the next death battle!

If you thought Superman was badass prepare to kneel before Gro- I mean Zodd! General Zodd is a kryptonian general with some serious issues. sporting his special battle armor Zodd is as strong as superman and even more vicious and tactical faster than a speeding laser, more powerful than a supernova and able to leap between planet with a single bound Zodd may not have as much training with his super powers but that won't stop him only Grodd wi- WHO KEEPS DOING THA- Grodd is here!

Step back reptilian female Grodd is in charge now! I Gorilla Grodd am the king of the planet and ruler of the Apes! hyper intelligent and strong to match I will crush Zodd and to ensure I do so I've brought some insurance! Not only have I acquired a kyptonian Nanite pill that will make me as strong as strong as a kryptonian and I have also enlisted 2 allies under my mind control! The Golden Oozaru Baby and Broly both capable of leveling Galaxies in their normal forms under my control they have transformed and will help me peel Zodd like a grape... I Hate Bananas! Now prepare to kneel before Grodd! 

The skein of destiny is set, Prepare for battle!
Rock Paper Scissors rumble by cfakatsuki
Rock Paper Scissors rumble
Disclaimer: I own nothing

Hey there death battle fans time for a mega mash up as the ultimate game of rock paper scissors takes off, who will win? I'm Brooke Lynn and this is death battle

First is the worst and we found the worst we could give a big welcome to Gekko Moriah! one of the 7 warlords of the sea Moriah ate the shadow shadow fruit giving him control over shadows. using his twin cutlasses as scissors anyone who's shadow he cuts will be unable to move and die in sunlight but worse than that if he puts that shadow on his own body he can gain the strength and powers of that person to a certain extent and considering his already massive form and strength that is a real terror

Ryuko Matoi is the master of scissoring and that is not innuendo. Wielding her massive scissor blades Ryuko is half life fiber giving her incredible strength and speed, enough to decapitate buildings from miles away but even more so when she wears her special sailor uniform kamui Senketsu she gains a massive burst of strength as well as the ability to fly, spawn blades and pull off some serious sonic the hedgehog shit. but if she absorbs a large amount of life fibers watch out cause super saiyan is the least of your problems when this scissor sister is on the loose.

Its clobberin time 24/7 when Thing is in the fight. Boasting strength and durability bested only by the Hulk and Juggernaut Ben Grim is a force of absolute destruction. and don't doubt his brains either Thing was a scientist and artist before he became a rockman so when push comes to shove he knows exactly where to push back.

You thought Toph rocked your world just wait till this geomancer leaves you 100% stoned, give it up for Terra Markov. Terra possesses near omnipotent control over rock allowing her to move warp and manipulate anything made of stone and earth this includes mudslides, sandstorms and crystals. able to hover on stone platforms, mash fireworks out of rocks and cause earthquakes Terra is a force of nature.

Prepare to bring this fight to the 3D as Count Bleck warps in. An interdimensional baddie that ran Mario for his money Count Bleck uses his powerful dark magic to warp and destroy his foes, and if you think he's not scary think again cause this paper poltergeist has a +1 dimension kill count. Able to battle Mario and his allies toe to toe Count Bleck is a force to be reckoned with.

Don't blink or you'll die cause there's a ninja afoot. Konan, second in command of the akatsuki and a heartless assassin Konan feels no remorse for cutting down her opponents with the worst paper cuts known to mankind. Sharpened by her chakra into blades sharper than steel Konan's most deadly skill is her ability to turn her entire body into an absolute blizzard of paper, no one is safe when she is on the prowl, her powers rival demon monsters and her ferocity the devil himself. Konan's strength nearly bested Obito uchiha.

the Skein of destiney is set and New York is the battle ground, who will win?
Serpent King by cfakatsuki
Serpent King
disclaimer: I still own nothing

Creeping into death battle with a vengeance, I'm Brooke Lynn and this once gonna creepy.

Orochimaru. Born in the leaf village Orochimaru's parents were killed when he was very young thus he grew up detached from people and when he finally gained friends he became displeased with the fact humans were so fragile as he watched countless people around him die, thus he resolved to fix that. Orochimaru made it his destiny to master every jutsu known to man and become immortal. constantly experimenting on himself and others Orochimaru accumulated the most expansive jutsu arsenal in ninja history able to use almost every nature release and after much experimentation and body stealing he even managed to gain wood style one of the most deadly. Orochimaru is a master of fear tactics his gaze alone enough to paralyze opponents in fear. To make things worse Orochimaru is virtually unkillable able to shed his body like a snake skin summoning new fresh one for barely any energy at all. And if that's not enough he also has a flying sword he can pull out of his mouth.

VS team Snake eyes

Raised as a slave on an island devoted to resurrecting a god who wasn't actually dead Cobra is a powerful wizard who possesses poison dragon slayer magic. With this magic toxins only serve to feed his magical power making him stronger and healing his body. But perhaps even more frightening is his ears which have such acute senses he can actually hear his opponents thoughts or send out psychic screams to disorient his foes. 

Medusa is a powerful witch who fights with her vector magic. Sending herself and her opponents flying in different directions Medusa is a master of deception  and her vector arrows can pierce almost any defense. Able to fly on a broom and fight with insane maneuverability Medusa is a ferocious adversary. To make matters worse she is immune to insanity and the snake tattoos on her arms can morph into actual giant snakes.

Sung Sun is an arrancar who works under the beautiful Harribel. Lightening fast with her sonido and able to cut down fores with her zanpakto she is a feroscious opponent but when she transforms with her ressurecion she becomes a horrifying nagaesk monster healing all her wounds and increasing her strength by double.

The skein of destiny is set, the 3 snake warrior's enter orochimaru's lair, who will win?


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